Lehigh Valley Engineering Council Meeting

Minutes of April 3, 2008

Council Meeting Held at Packard Lab 324 – Lehigh University



1. Agnes M. called the meeting to order at 6:01 P.M.


2. Roll Call of Attendees:


            Elizabeth Horahan – AIChE, SWE                 Daryl Callan – EWB, ASME

            Agnes Muranyi-Walp – SME, SWE                Joe McCarthy - PSPE

            John Cirucci - EWB                                        David Toler - SAE

            Don Talhelm - IEEE                                        Bob Walp – SME

            Ben Guthrie – ASCE                                       Ken Lawrence – SME, ISA

            Tom Reilly – ASME, SAE


3. MOTION to approve minutes from last meeting on January 10, 2008. MOTION PASSED.


4. Engineer’s Week Banquet –  Evaluation + Suggestions for Improvement

EPBJ free supplement – worked well.  Deadline was on the LVEC website for 10 days prior to EPBJ deadline.  John Moore is the EPBJ contact.

LVEC Booklet – doing the booklet a week or so in advance worked well.

Sound Equipment – Test equipment prior to presentation.  Possibly rent equipment?  Perhaps use a lavaliere microphone?

Set-up – Reception Area separate from Dining Area is a good set-up, however, the reception area was very crowded this year – look for a more spacious venue?

Meal – Perhaps it would save time if we skipped the soup course, or the salad is already on the table, before we are seated.  The banquet ran a bit long.

Location – Our guest list has expanded in the past few years, and maybe we have outgrown the Silver Creek Country Club.  Suggested locations: Holiday Inn Route 100, Hotel at 9th and Hamilton across the street from PPL, Iacocca Hall at Lehigh, a location that has done concerts (ample parking, larger space, sound system).


5. Next Year’s Officers –

Chairwoman – E. Horahan

Consideration for Vice Chair – B. Guthrie

Consideration for Secretary – K. Lawrence

Treasurer – Tom Reilly


6. Sponsored Activities –

STEM – will continue to support

FutureCities – will continue to support

Hillside School Science Fair: Thank you note distributed


7. Engineers Without Borders: MOTION to give $250 in funding. MOTION PASSED.

**Darryl Callen has contacts with a wide pool of potential volunteers.  Contact Darryl if you have an event that needs volunteers.


8. Website –

Need to find a new hosting company.  Possible that there is a virus effecting the Hosting site.  K. Lawrence has contacts who may know of a good hosting company – will report back.


9. Treasurer’s Report –

            Detailed report about the banquet income and expenses.  We’re good!

            Banquet Attendance: approx 192


10. Meeting adjourned at 7:00PM


11. Next meeting – Thursday May 8, 2008 at Lehigh University, Packard Lab, Room 324.