Lehigh Valley Engineering Council Meeting

Minutes of August 2, 2005


Council Meeting Held at Lehigh University Packard Lab Room 325



1.       Bob Abbott called meeting to order at 6:03 P.M.


2.      Roll Call of Attendees


Bob Abbott, ASCE, ASHE                        Bernard Telatovich, ASCE

Michele Stuart, IIE, SWE, SME                 David Toler, SAE

Brad Osborne AIChE                                 Dan Hallowell, SME


3.      Minutes


Minutes of the June 7, 2005 meeting were approved with minor corrections.


4.      Treasurer’s Report


Michele reported that Tom now has possession of everything.  Pitcock” still owes money from banquet, Brad to call his contact there.  Michele reminded that P.O. box should be checked regularly.


5.      Engineer’s Week Banquet


5.1 Brad gave an update on locations for the banquet.  Symphony Hall may not be feasible due to price and conflicting concert.  David also suggested Hampton Winds at Northampton County Community College.  Brad will continue getting some more information and report next meeting.  Michele pointed out that we need to keep in mind the various ways of arranging alcoholic beverages, and how this will affect costs. 


Note: Date for banquet set for Friday February 24, 2006.


5.2 Speaker should be chosen before October.  Availability and potential topics of SWE President was questioned.  Michele will get in touch with local chapter to try and establish contact.

   Bernie mentioned that ASCE is publishing a list of noted female engineers, if we need to look into other potential speakers.


5.3    Task volunteers

a.       Bernie and Dan will head up EPBJ

b.      Need volunteer for programs

c.       Need volunteer for sponsors

d.      Bob will head up Invitations/Awards

e.       Bernie ( & Bernie’s wife) will find a suitable gift for speaker

f.        As usual vice-chair gets to coordinate reservations   


6.      Other LVEC activities


Need an update on golf outing.  Still some time until “Math counts”.  William Allen High School will be getting back in session, speaking arrangement still hopeful.   



7.      Website


Everyone happy with what Agnes has been doing


8.      Old Business


The by-laws may have to be amended to allow for the change in annual member fees to the calendar year.  Bob will .pdf the by-laws for distribution. 


Donation of frequent flyer miles to EWB was never coordinated. 


9.      New Business


LVEC ad in EPBJ needs to be updated.  For the price we pay it should be more eye-catching & informative.


By October or November we should decide what goals to set for LVEC.  Do we want to get involved in more activities, include more societies, include more student projects, support our other valley societies through communication, stay status quo?  Other things that were mentioned: educate the public of what an engineer is, educate employers as to what an engineer can offer.  Bob will consider a “master plan”


The idea of bringing in a marketing consultant was mentioned to give ideas on how to make LVEC more visible.  This might be a topic our member societies would be interested in.  The success of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce was discussed as an example of what LVEC (and our member societies) could accomplish.     


10.   Next Meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 8, at 6:00 P.M. at Telatovich residence.  Contact Bernie for directions.  Meeting adjourned at 7:25.