Lehigh Valley Engineering Council Meeting
Approved Meeting Minutes of August 7, 2008

Council Meeting Held at Packard Lab 324 – Lehigh University


  1. Elizabeth H. called meeting to order at 6:00 PM


  1. Roll Call of Attendees:
    1. Elizabeth Horahan – AIChE, SWE
    2. Ben Guthrie – ASCE
    3. Don Talhelm – IEEE
    4. Bob Walp – SME
    5. Keith Gardiner – SME, ASME, ECLV
    6. Ken Lawrence – SME, ISA
    7. Daryl Callan – EWB, ASME


  1. Elizabeth introduced new officers
    1. Chairwoman – Elizabeth Horahan
    2. Vice Chair – Ben Guthrie
    3. Secretary – Ken Lawrence
    4. Treasurer – Tom Reilly
    5. Webmaster – Agnes Muranyi


  1. Motion to approve minutes from last meeting on May 8, 2008

Don motion to approve, second by Ben


  1. Engineer Week and Banquet 2009:

Co-chairs for Engineers Week are NSPE and Intel Corp. theme is unknown and will be up to Intel Corp. Keith suggests we contact Intel and discuss with their coordinator to see if we can get theme for 2009. Action item for Ken to follow up to see if he can make contact at Intel.


Date for Banquet is scheduled for Feb 20, 2009. Ben contacted Days Inn and has a rough estimate of $35 per person. This will include 2 meal selections, room and equipment. Elizabeth reserved Holiday Inn for the banquet initial estimates are $40 per person. Ben and Elizabeth are also going to look into Allentown Brew Works and Bear Creek as alternate sites and will get quotes from each location with an estimate for 250 attendees with the condition that LVEC can bring Appetizers.


Daryl will follow up on Air Products offer to bring in LINcream equipment that will make ice cream that will be offered at Air Products sponsor table and available during appetizers.


  1. Activities for Upcoming Year:
    1. Future City Competition, www.futurecity.org & www.futurecityphilly.org 

Being held in January need Schools to signup by September will be using Simcity Software and we have no mentor requests at this time. Director is leaving after 16 years and they will be looking for a replacement. Keith to forward committee Director Job Description and letter on Future City Competition. (Attached)


    1. STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics)

STEM'06 was initiated by LVEC and now STEM'08 is also being supported - we just need more organizations to sign-up as endorsers, co-sponsors etc.

Planned for Nov 15, 2008 at the Rauch Business Center, Lehigh University. Keith has draft handout for papers see attachment for review by LVEC. Looking for 15 -20 papers & presentations. Elizabeth will forward information received from Keith to LVEC contacts. Committee members are encouraged to send notice to their contact network.


  1. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Tom Reilly couldn’t make meeting so there was no report given


  1. Website
    1. Agnes changing web hosting to Host Monster


  1. New Business
    1. Don suggests we add PA Jr. Academy Science Fair Lehigh Valley to upcoming activities list.
    2. Note from Keith - The Northeastern Region of the PA Junior Academy of Science Fair usually occurs at Easton HS on the Saturday of Engineers Week, there have been no notices or appeals for support, judges etc. for the 2009 event yet - doubtless these will be forthcoming.
    3. Additionally there is also the Lehigh Valley Science Fair - this is scheduled for Saturday, March 14th. 2009 details at http://www.lehigh.edu/~inlvsf/ and as usual they will be asking LVEC for assistance with judging etc.
    4. Per note from Keith it is very important for LVEC to get all these events onto the calendar to offer evidence that we are vital, functioning and doing lots of stuff.
    5. Earth Day event was able to get volunteers needed for staffing.
    6. IEEE technical talk scheduled for Sept 24th  “Intelligent Power Grids” presented by Stephen Kunsman, ABB at Lehigh. Don to get Agnes notice for website posting.


  1. Next Meeting
    1. Scheduled for September 4, 2008 at Lehigh University, Packard Lab Room 324


Finished meeting at 6:46 PM motion to adjourn by Ken and seconded by Bob.





Engineering & Science for the Future – titles of papers for STEM’08 due Oct. 2nd


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Conference 2008


The Lehigh Valley Engineering Council (LVEC) in collaboration with Academic Outreach & Special Projects at Lehigh University are sponsoring a second conference on Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics (STEM) aimed at further enhancing the technological vitality of the Lehigh Valley. This event is being planned to provide an opportunity for students, engineers and scientists of all ages to develop and present technical papers before their peers. This represents a next step beyond posters, presentations before judges, or class term papers; it is also an opportunity to have the work published on a CD and discussed by other conference contributors. The first conference, STEM’06, included papers from students in high school, undergraduates, graduates and working engineers. The conference, with the theme “Engineering and Science for the Future,” will be held Saturday, 15th November. Individuals interested in developing a paper are invited to contact Keith Gardiner at kg03@lehigh.edu ; further details will also be available on the LVEC web site www.lvengineer.org .


Important dates:

October 2nd       –          Submission deadline for title, abstract and bio. to kg03@lehigh.edu

October 16th       –          Acknowledgement, confirmation, acceptance etc.

October 30th      –          Final paper due – Word format per instructions on web site

November 10th –          Conference schedule available

November 15th –          8.00-5.00 Lehigh University Rauch Business Center


This event affords an opportunity for writing and presenting a technical paper before a forum of peers. The event is cross-disciplinary and invites students at all levels to contribute and learn from the experience collaboratively and with minimal cost. Communicating, defending and discussing results forms an important part of the engineering and scientific endeavor, builds confidence and offers tremendous intellectual rewards. All students at any stage in their careers benefit from opportunities to share their knowledge and learn from others.


Why such an age range? For our brightest youngsters there is a need for something beyond preparing a science fair poster; writing a paper is a next step. Undergraduates and graduate students have many courses where term papers or independent research is a requirement. Frequently these papers rest in dusty stacks in faculty offices and filing cabinets and are seldom disseminated, their educational purpose has been accomplished and they are not widely shared. Graduate students, engineers or scientists already working in industry may undertake ‘continuous improvement’ and similar projects that are worthy of reporting and sharing. None of these individuals may have access to the resources or time that could take them to Hawaii or similar locations to offer a paper – this conference aims to serve all these individuals. Watch the LVEC web site for further information about LV STEM’08 or contact Keith Gardiner kg03@Lehigh.edu. [ http://www.lvengineer.org/ ]


Organizations or individuals interested in becoming co-sponsors and/or assisting with this event are invited to contact Keith Gardiner at 610-758-5070, e-mail above, or Dr. Henry Odi, 610-758-4802 or huo0@lehigh.edu


File: 080408Announcement/STEM08/ProfActivities/c  KG 08/06/08