Lehigh Valley Engineering Council Meeting

Meeting Minutes for December 4, 2008

Council Meeting Held at Packard Lab 324 – Lehigh University



  1. Elizabeth H. called meeting to order at 6:07PM


  1. Roll Call of Attendees:
    1. Elizabeth Horahan – AIChE, SWE
    2. Don Talhelm – IEEE
    3. Agnes Muranyi – SME, SAE, SWE
    4. Ken Lawrence – SME, ISA
    5. David Toler – SAE
    6. Tom Reilly – ASME, SAE


  1. Motion to approve Minutes from the last meeting, Nov 6, 2008.

Motion to approve minutes by Agnes with second by Don.


  1. Engineers Week 2009: Date – February 20, 2009

a.       Speaker Update

1.      Mike couldn’t be at meeting, but gave Elizabeth suggestion on Tom Tuffy on Go Green Save Green. Motion by Tom to accept Tom Tuffy as speaker and second by Ken. Tom Tuffy is Director, Center for Energy Enterprise and the Environment Penn Future.

2.      Update on Speaker via email that Tom is not available. Elizabeth sent out email with list of possible speakers to review at next meeting.

b.      Banquet Agenda

1.      Start awards right after meal is finished before desert with Young Engineer then Sr. Engineer awards.

2.      Dinner to start at 7:00PM with fruit and salad on table. Awards to start at 7:45. Featured speaker start at 8:15 talk until 9:00 then 15 minutes for Q&A session.

c.       Sponsor Letter

1.      Elizabeth handed out draft version some suggestions made and she will update and resend for distribution to members.

d.      East Penn Business Journal

1.      Special edition published Feb 9th need articles by mid-January.


  1. Activities for the Upcoming Year:
    1. January: Future City will need judges - no update
    2. STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) – Presentations good, high school did a really good job with STEM Conference. Keith would like more help next year it was suggested that we put together a STEM Conference committee to support Keith.
    3. PA Jr. Academy Science Fair Lehigh Valley – No update
    4. Lehigh Valley Science Fair - scheduled for Saturday, March 14th. 2009 - No update
    5. IEEE technical talk scheduled for Sept 24th “Intelligent Power Grids” – 40 people were at meeting very good meeting.



  1. Treasurer’s Report – T. Reilly

Treasurer report given showing current balance of $8,148.55. Tom still looking at investment accounts to put some of the money. It was suggested that $2,500 invested in 6 month CD’s with 2.5% interest in $1,000 increments so money would be freed up by Banquet time. Ken to forward WISA Section Treasurer contact info to Tom since WISA invests.



  1. Website – A. Muranyi

Discussion on giving Gold sponsors top placement on website to encourage participation. Will need Banquet info and business journal articles.


  1. New Business - None



  1. Next meeting – Thursday, January 8, 2009 at Lehigh University, Packard Lab, Room 324, 6:00 PM.


  1. Meeting concluded at 7:04 PM