Date & Time:             6:00 PM, December 7, 2010


Location:                    Lehigh University, Packard Lab  Room 324




Called to order at 6:10 pm



Don Talhelm, IEEE

Keith Gardiner, ASME/ECLV

Joe McCarthy, PSPE

Max Miller, ECLV

Jeffrey Levy, ECLV

Agustin Villarreal, ECLV

Daryl Callan, EWB, ASME

Ben Guthrie, ASCE

Agnes Muranyi-Walp SWE, SME

Elizabeth Horahan AiCHE, SWE


  1. Minutes from November 2, 2010

Due to technical problems, the meeting minutes from last month’s meeting were not available at this meeting. Daryl will distribute via e-mail the meeting minutes from last month for review.


  1. 2011 Engineers Week Banquet

Date:  Friday February 18, 2011

Location: Holiday Inn, Rts 78 and 100

Invitations – Notice to the Engineering societies

·         Information will be placed on the website.

Awards- PSPE will present the Engineer and Young Engineer of the Year Awards.

·         Deadline for submission for nominations is upcoming and nomination materials need to be distributed.

Speaker Confirmation

·         Speaker has been confirmed as Frank Willis giving a talk on the BP oil spill.

·         Need to get the information out to the engineering communities that the speaker has been confirmed.

·         Local ASCE chapter is going to have a pre-banquet reception with the speaker at the Holiday Inn. This is open to ASCE and LVEC board members.

·         LVEC will be responsible for the travel expenses of the speaker.

·         Suggestion made to send a press release about the speaker to the local papers. Elizabeth to issue the release. Requested the CV of the speaker and a synopsis of the talk. Ben to provide the synopsis to Elizabeth. Joe to provide the CV.


·         Joe will send out the letters to the sponsors list from last year.

·         It was noted that requests for sponsorship need to be sent soon to allow enough processing time for the larger companies in the area. Wherever possible, the request for sponsorship to a company should come from an employee.

·         Daryl will pursue getting the LIN Ambassadors at the banquet again this year.

EPBJ – Ben Guthrie

·         Ben has contacted the EPBJ and was informed that he will be contacted when more information is required.

·         Ben will be the point of contact for the EPBJ.

·         Ben contact Audrey Mayoral would be interested in editing the articles again in exchange for a seat at the banquet.

·         Agnes will post a request for articles on the website and Joe will send a request for articles to the LVEC distribution. Mid January will be the deadline for submission of the articles.

Banquet Booklet

·         Booklet design will match last year’s design

·         Minuteman Press will be contacted to see if they will print the booklet with the same arrangement as previous years. Ad on the back of the booklet, a sponsor on the website, and 2 tickets to the banquet.

Publicity – Elizabeth Horahan

·         Will issue press releases when information is available.

·         Will do 2 press releases, one for the speaker and one for the engineer of the year and young engineer of the year award.

·         Press releases will include website information.

·         Registration form needs to be available on the website.


·         Joe will find out the menu options for the registration form. Last year there were four options: chicken, beef, fish, and vegetarian.

·         Joe will create and send out the registration form. Ben has the form from last year. The registration form should also be available on the website.

·         Costs for the banquet remain the same so the cost to the attendees will remain the same at $35


·         Daryl will prepare the tags for this banquet

·         Joe will compile the names and determine the seating arrangement. The list will be sent to Daryl to make the tags.


  1. Financial Report

LVEC Checking Account- Signatories

·         Ben now has access to the account

Account Balance

·         Balance remains unchanged at $9,414 + $200 in petty cash

Member Dues

·         The investigation on who has paid dues continues. Ben expects to have more information for next month.

Audit of Books

·         There are two outstanding reimbursements that need to be made to Ben and Daryl related to last year’s banquet. Payment to be made before the audit.

·         Ben is working to get more information on the transactions to support an upcoming audit.

·         Will audit the previous fiscal year.

Non-profit status

·         Consolidated list of non-profits in the area was found but LVEC was not listed.

·         Have a tax ID number and need to find out the status of that number.


  1. LVEC Events


Future City

·         Future city competition has 50 participating schools and requires judges on Jan 22, 2011 in Philadelphia. Registration for judging and more information can be found at Three schools in Elkton, Manyunk, and Hummelstown require mentors. Contact Keith Gardener for more information.



  1. Upcoming Member Society Events


Check out the website for more information.


  1. New Business


EWB has requested funds to support their upcoming implementation trip. $250 was approved pending a formal request from EWB.


  1. Next Meeting


Tuesday, January 4, 2011in PL.324.