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The Lehigh Valley Business or LVB, (formerly: Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal (EPBJ)) produces an Engineer’s Week Supplement entirely focused on the engineering disciplines in Lehigh Valley, in the issue of February 18, 2013.  Engineering Societies are encouraged to submit articles and/or pictures about their accomplishments, announcement, goal, etc. for publishing in the LVB. 


LVEC and our member societies have once again been invited to contribute articles for the Lehigh Valley Business' Engineer's Week Supplement. This is a great opportunity to raise awareness in the business community about your organization. Pictures are encouraged but not required.  Each organization is allowed to submit multiple articles.


If possible, please submit articles in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format. Images can be submitted in any format, but should be of high quality (right off your digital camera - not resized if at all possible). Please provide captions for photos and verify the spelling of names of people in photos.


Articles of interest include descriptions of your professional organization and activities during the year, profiles of interesting engineers, school programs successful in strengthening math and science interest in the real world, project profiles, and accomplishments of companies in the Lehigh Valley.


The articles and pictures should be sent to LVEC, by: Thursday, January 31, 2013.

Please send to: Agnes Muranyi-Walp


Phone: (215) 679-3373

Important: All articles and/or pictures will be confirmed by email.  If you do not receive a confirmation email in 1-2 days, please feel free to follow up with additional email or phone call.



If your company is interested in advertising in the LVB, please contact LVB's Advertising Department for more information (layout, pricing etc.).

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