The Lehigh Valley Engineering Council (LVEC) Board, prior to voting on the distribution of funds to any entity, person, or organization (Group) for purposes commensurate with LVEC’s functions and mission shall consider the following:


  1. What is the nature of the group and the “sponsored activity”?

  2. Did the group provide a budget for the event or sponsored activity?

  3. Is the group active within LVEC?

  4. Is the group active within the Lehigh Valley?

  5. How much has been distributed to the Group in the past?

  6. Will the funds be used locally?

  7. Will the group provide “recognition” to LVEC and how?

  8. Follow up request after the fund: Report after the event, how the money was used.


A reasonable limitation on the total amount distributed during the fiscal year to the “Group” should be considered.

Activity within the LVEC should be considered and encouraged.