Lehigh Valley Engineering Council Meeting

Minutes of January10, 2007

Council Meeting Held at Lehigh University, Packard Lab, Rm. 324



1. Agnes Muranyi called the meeting to order at 6:05 P.M.


2. Roll Call of Attendees:


            Tom Reilly – SAE, ASME                         Elizabeth Horahan – SWE, AIChE

            Daryl Callan – EWB USA                         Agnes Muranyi – SME, SWE

            Keith Gardiner – ECLV                             Bernie Telatovich – ASCE

            David Lazinsky - LCTI                               Ken Lawrence – SME, ISA

            Ben Guthrie – ASCE                                  Bob Walp – SME

            Don Talhelm - IEEE


3. Silver Creek (D. Talhelm) – Distributed memo for arrangements.

            - Tables of 8, like last year.

            - Will link entrιe choice to name at registration.

            - Bar will be open for the duration of the cocktail hour and 30 minutes into dinner.

            - Podium will be placed on staging.

            - Menu choices selected: 12 oz Sirloin Steak, Stuffed Flounder or Vegetarian.

            - Banners for societies and sponsors will need to be delivered to Silver Creek Feb.

               21 by 4pm.  Must be reasonable size (approx. 3’ x 5’).

            - Final count needed for people and meals by Feb. 12.

            - B. Telatovich will provide cheese tray for cocktail hour.

            - D. Talhelm allocated $100 for fruit and veggie trays for cocktail hour.


4. IEEE (D. Talhelm) – May have Editor/Reader Volunteer for articles for EPBJ


5. LCTI  (K. Lawrence and D. Lazinsky) – New program, gets high school seniors involved in engineering by taking college classes at LCTI and job shadowing.  To get the word out about their program, they will submit an article to the EPBJ and have a table at the Engineers Week Banquet.


6. MOTION to approve the minutes from the meeting Dec. 5, 2007. MOTION PASSED.


7. Engineer’s Week Banquet –

K. Gardiner - in contact with speaker.  Speaker working on topic.

A.  Muranyi – sent invitation letters to Lehigh, Lafayette, LCCC, NCC, Wilkes. 

      Will send to Penn State, EPBJ.

E. Horahan – will send invitation to Diana Morse of the Morning Call

B. Telatovich – continue to contact possible sponsors.

            PSPE, ASME will take care of their nametags.  Nametags should be around the

neck again like last year.


8. East Penn Business Journal – A. Muranyi currently collecting articles.  Deadline for articles is January 21, 2008. Deadline for advertisements January 30, 2008.


9.  Morning Call (E. Horahan) – short write-up should appear in the Scene Section in Arts and Ideas of the Morning Call on Sunday, January 13th


10. Banquet Booklet (A. Muranyi)

            - Addition to mention PA Junior Academy of Science

            - Ask MinuteMan Press to add their advertisement to the back of the booklet

   again (as in years past) – reduce our costs for the booklet

- Contents need to be completed by next meeting, February 7, 2008

- Would like to put contact information for the board members in the booklet –

   confirmation of contents will be obtained through email

- Asking for submissions of good and tasteful engineering jokes to include in the



11. Sponsored Activities:

Future Cities (K. Gardiner) – Going well, however short on judges – needed for

Jan 26, 2008, additional information on the website.  Washington area has

record number of teams. 

PA Junior Academy of Science (K. Gardiner/T. Reilly) – Tom will take care of


            Several upcoming science fairs – see website for more information.


12. Treasurer’s Report (T. Reilly) –

            - The following societies have paid for membership: ASCE, ASMI, ASQ, SME,


- Financial Software not necessary at this time.


13. Engineers Without Borders USA (D. Callan) – Seeking help getting the word out about this program in the area.  Just started a local chapter.  Will have a posting on the website.


11. Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM.


12. Next meeting – February 7, 2008, Lehigh Packard Lab Room 324