Lehigh Valley Engineering Council Meeting

Meeting Minutes for January 8, 2009

Council Meeting Held at Packard Lab 324 – Lehigh University



  1. Elizabeth H. called meeting to order at 6:04PM


  1. Roll Call of Attendees:
    1. Elizabeth Horahan – AIChE, SWE
    2. Ben Guthrie – ASCE
    3. Daryl Callan – EWB, ASME
    4. Keith Gardiner – SME, ASME, ECLV
    5. Mike Basta – PSPE
    6. Don Talhelm – IEEE
    7. Agnes Muranyi – SME, SAE, SWE
    8. Ken Lawrence – SME, ISA
    9. Dave Toler – SAE
    10. Bernie Telatovich – ASCE
    11. Tom Reilly – ASME, SAE


  1. Motion to approve Minutes from the last meeting, Dec 4, 2008.

Motion to approve minutes by Mike and second by Agnes.


  1. Engineers Week 2009: Date – February 20, 2009

a.       Speaker Update

1.      After reviewing list council would like to see Dale Kearns accept keynote speaker slot, but if not available then June Wispelway will be backup choice.

b.      Menu

1.      Will have four choices that include chicken, beef, salmon and veggie.

2.      LINcream will be supplied by Air Products

3.      Hotel will allow us to bring in Fruit & Cheese platters

4.      Cash bar will be available

c.       Registration

1.      Elizabeth will put together registration form with dinner selection, payment info and send to Agnes for website.

2.      Invitations will be sent to local University presidents and Dean of Engineering at Lafayette and Lehigh along with state and local representatives. PSPE typically sends out invitations Mike will check to see who they have invited in past.

3.      East Penn Journal reporter will also be invited

d.      Audio/Visual

1.      Hotel will have audio setup and Daryl expects to be able to bring a projector.


e.       Banquet Booklet

1.      Elizabeth working on booklet

f.        Banners/Display Tables

1.      Hotel will allow banners, Elizabeth to check to see if they need to be at hotel the day before.

g.       Sponsorships

1.      Pro-Tech – Silver $100

2.      Air Products - $350

3.      Lutron – Gold $450

4.      Traffic Plans Design – Silver $100

5.      Berdal Associates – Silver $100

6.      Expect ASME, PSPE to sponsor also

h.       East Penn Business Journal

1.      Ben will collect articles that need to be in by Jan 28th. The Business Journal needs them by Feb 2nd. Will take as many as received.

2.      List of LVEC members will be submitted acknowledging council members.

i.         PSPE – Mike will find out about engineers awards and let council know.


  1. Activities for the Upcoming Year:
    1. January: Future City will need judges sign up on website.
    2. PA Jr. Academy Science Fair Lehigh Valley – Still need Judges email notice sent by Keith
    3. Lehigh Valley Science Fair - scheduled for Saturday, March 14th. 2009 -
    4. IEEE technical talk scheduled for Sept 24th “Intelligent Power Grids” – 40 people were at meeting very good meeting.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – T. Reilly
    1. No activity waiting for sponsorship money to come in. 


  1. Website – A. Muranyi
    1. New Logo Engineers Week. Adding activities for engineering societies.


  1. New Business –
    1. EWB – Looking into projects for Lehigh Valley Partnership 3rd Street Alliance. They need HVAC experienced engineers to join group. Agnes to post on LVEC website.
    2. Annual Hillside Science Fair in March or April



 Next meeting – Thursday, February 5, 2009 at Lehigh University, Packard Lab, Room 324, 6:00 PM.


  1. Meeting concluded at 7:00 PM