Lehigh Valley Engineering Council Meeting

Minutes of May 8, 2008

Council Meeting Held at Packard Lab 324 – Lehigh University



1. Agnes M. called the meeting to order at 6:05 P.M.


2. Roll Call of Attendees:


            Elizabeth Horahan – AIChE, SWE             Bernie Telatovich - ASCE

            Agnes Muranyi-Walp – SME, SWE           Ben Guthrie – ASCE

            Don Talhelm - IEEE                                   Bob Walp – SME



3. MOTION to approve minutes from last meeting on April 3, 2008 with the following changes:

            Location was called “Silver Creek” not “Spring Creek”

            Possible location called “Iococca Hall” not “Homer Lab”



4. Schedule for Next Year: Additions/Notes

January: FutureCities will need judges

February: get final #s to place/caterer for the banquet

A. Muranyi will update schedule and pass to E. Horahan


5. Sponsored Activities

Hillside School asked for sponsorship for an event in October. The council decided that

            the event is outside of the scope of the LVEC’s goals and it was unanimously

            decided not to provide support for this particular event.  We supported their

            Science Fair. 

STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) – cancelled in 2007, is being planned for Nov 15, 2008 in the Rauch Business Center at Lehigh.  May be supported by SME, Lehigh Outreach and ECLV. 


6. Next Year’s Officers Elected

Chairwoman – E. Horahan

Vice Chair – B. Guthrie

Secretary – K. Lawrence

Treasurer – Tom Reilly

Webmaster – Agnes Muranyi


7. 2009 Banquet –

Eweek 2009 scheduled for Feb. 15-21.  Banquet scheduled for Friday, February 20, 2009.  Theme still unknown.  When theme is published, E. Horahan will email LVEC so everyone can start brainstorming about possible speakers.


8. Treasurer Report:

We are in good shape financially


9. Meeting adjourned at 6.54PM


10. Next meeting – Thursday August 7, 2008 at Lehigh University, Packard Lab, Room 324.