Lehigh Valley Engineering Council Meeting


Minutes for November 9, 2006

Council Meeting held at Lehigh University Packard Lab Room 324



Bernie Telatovich called meeting to order at 6:12 pm


1. Roll Call of Attendees


       Bob Abbott, ASCE, ASHE                           Bernie Telatovich, ASCE

       Keith Gardiner, ECLV                                  Agnes Muranyi, SME, SWE, SAE

       Tom Reilly ASME, SAE                               Don Talhelm, IEEE



2. Minutes


      October minutes were accepted by Board vote.


3. Treasurer Report


     Tom presented treasure’s report. Motion passed to accept treasurer’s report. In addition, Tom reported that about half of the member societies’ dues were sent out and rest to follow.


4. Engineers Week Banquet- February 23, 2007


  1. Project Management Schedule- No report.
  2. Banquet Reservations- Don finalized reservations with Silver Creek Country Club. Don will check on seating arrangements, i.e. number of people seated at each table.
  3. Speaker- Tyco’s Richard Perko will be banquet speaker. Bernie handed out bio on Mr. Perko.
  4. EPBJ- Agnes along with Bernie’s help will coordinate articles with EPBJ.
  5. Sponsors- Bernie contacted several of last year’s gold and silver sponsors. ASCE, PSPE, ECLV, Benchmark, CSI, and Bracalente Construction have already committed as sponsors. Please contact your respect society including; SWE, SME, ASME, AiCHE, and corporate sponsors Keystone, Hubert, Isett, Ott, Martin Schuler, Spotts, Stevens, and McCoy, Pidcock, and any other possible sponsors.
  6. Publicity- Agnes volunteered to contact The Morning Call to place advertisement for the banquet.
  7. Banquet Program- Bob to coordinate with Michele for editing and printing banquet program.
  8. Proclamations- Bernie to contact Bill Erdman in regards to proclamations.
  9. Cost per Seat- The board agreed to hold cost at $35.00 for adults and $10.00 for students.
  10. Engineer of the Year- No report required at this time, waiting on PSPE.
  11. Invitations- In addition to Lehigh, Lafayette and Wilkes, LCCC and NCC will be contacted to invite students. Bernie to contact Daphnee Newman at LCTI to invite students. Member society presidents will once again be recognized at the banquet.
  12. Reservations- Don and Bernie to handle reservations and name tags.


5. Other LVEC Activities


1.       Future Cities- Keith reported that one of the Parkland Schools is very interested in getting involved.

2.       Math Counts- No report at this time.

3.       LVSTEM Conference- Held on Saturday, November 4th, LVSTEM Conference had 19 contributors’ present papers. LVSTEM proved to be more successful than was thought especially since the short time notice given to promote papers. Congratulations to Keith for an outstanding job!

4.       PSPE Golf Outing- PSPE will contact us in regards to participating in a joint golf outing scheduled for next spring/summer.

5.       LCTI- Bernie will make future presentation on offering sponsorship money for a statewide contest.


6. Website


      Agnes presented update on website. Changes made to make website easier to read and additional banquet information will be added. Once again Agnes reminded us to please forward any new information regarding our member societies.


7. Activities of Member Societies


1.       ASCE has meeting scheduled for November 14th. December 6th is annual ASCE Christmas banquet.

2.       ASHE has joint meeting scheduled on November 16th with Delaware Valley Chapter.


8. Old Business




9. New Business


      Board voted, Keith made motion and Don seconded, to supplement PSPE scholarship fund with $200.00 donation from LVEC. Since we voted to give PSPE $200.00, Bernie will ask PSPE to send one of their members to attend our Board meetings in Angelika’s absence.


10. Adjournment


   Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.





Next meeting will be Thursday, December 7, 2006 at 6:00 pm at Packard Lab, Room 324.