Lehigh Valley Engineering Council Meeting

Minutes of November 8, 2007

Council Meeting Held at Lehigh University Packard Lab 324



1. Agnes M. called the meeting to order at 6:12 P.M.


2. Roll Call of Attendees:


  Mike Basta – PSPE Bernie Telatovich – ASCE
  Keith Gardiner – ECLV McKenzie Telatovich - Hillside School
  Agnes Muranyi-Walp – SME, SWE Bob Walp - SME
  Don Talhelm - IEEE  


3. Motion to approve minutes from last meeting on October 4, 2007.


4. Engineer’s Week Banquet – Engineer’s Week Feb 17-23.

Speakers: K. Gardiner contacted with the Director of Tivoli Marketing IBM, and had a commitment for a speaker. 

Bernie will contact with Air Products to speak on the Hydrogen Economy

Guest List: Lehigh President;  Lafayette President;  Editor of The Morning Call’s Scene Section (E. Horahan to contact), Editor of EPBJ.  Send Invites letter, or at least a first contact by email in November. 

Location: Silver Creek –reservation in process by Don Talhelm

The deadline for submitting  nominees for "Engineer of the Year" and "Young Engineer of the Year"

is December 14, 2007.   The nomination forms may be downloaded from http://www.pspe.org/lv_pspe/awards.shtml (the PA Society of Professional Engineers website).


5. East Penn Business Journal – A. Muranyi to contact, with EPBJ, and add to LVEC website.  (In process)


6. Banquet Booklet – In previous years, Pikewood, Inc assembled the booklet.  A. Muranyi will contact for detail.  (In process)


7. Website – A. Muranyi to update for Banquet sponsorship details.


8. Calendar – Updated with upcoming events.


9. Sponsored Activities –

Future City: Proceed as planned – Judges need for Jan. 26, 2008

Math Counts: No inquires from school.

PA Junior Academy of Science: Motion passed to donate $200


10. Treasurer Report was submitted by email

            Current Balance: $8,103.08


11. Meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM.


12. Next meeting – Wednesday, December 5, 2007, Silver Creek Country Club - Hellertown.