Date & Time:             6:00 PM, November 2, 2010


Location:                    Lehigh University, Packard Lab Room 324




Called to order at 6:10 pm




Don Talhelm, IEEE

Ben Guthrie, ASCE

Keith Gardiner, ASME/ECLV

Joe McCarthy, PSPE

Agnes Muranyi-Walp SWE, SME

Daryl Callan, EWB, ASME

Dave Toler SAE


  1. Minutes from October 5, 2010

Meeting minutes accepted


  1. 2011 Engineers Week Banquet

Date:  Friday February 18, 2011

Location: Holiday Inn, Rts 78 and 100

Invitations – E-mail announcements will be sent to the Engineering societies

Awards- PSPE will present the Engineer and Young Engineer of the Year Awards.

Speaker Discussion - All


No theme found in the available information at this time.

ASHRAE is the engineering society that is the overall sponsor of Engineers Week this year.

Options for speaker discussed were:

·         Dr. Brock Alexander talks on how to transform into an effective innovative technology organization.

·         Robert T. Simmons is the president of ASME and is located in Princeton, talks about fusion and the prospects of fusion. Keith can contact through ASME if desired.

·         Frank Willis is a PE with a background in civil engineering and would be speaking about the BP oil spill. There would be no speaker fee so the cost would be associated with the speakers travel cost. The speaker is located in Louisiana. He is available on the date of the banquet.

·         Dan McNichol. Fee is $3,000 plus travel expenses. Topic would be the infrastructure of the nation. He is on the “speaker circuit.” Topic is very close to the speak given last year.

·         Lee Butz was suggested as a possibility as a person knowing about the issues in the Lehigh Valley. It was discussed that this might be too close to the topic from last year.


A motion was passed to ask Frank Willis to be the speaker for the banquet.



·         Ben has a list of the sponsors for the last 3 years.


EPBJ – Ben Guthrie

·         Contacted EPBJ but have not heard anything back. Last year started talking with them in mid December. Audrie Mayoral did the editing of the articles last year and LVEC should contact her again.


Banquet Booklet

·         Minute Man Press did the printing last year and expect that they will do it again this year.


Publicity – Elizabeth Horahan

·         No discussion since Elizabeth could not attend.


  1. Financial Report

LVEC Account Balance - $9,414 + $200 in petty cash

Member Dues

·         Does not have the information at this time. The list of current dues paying members is used to make the list on the website.


Currently waiting on a signature for PNC to transfer over to Ben. Need to look into if can get signatures of the executive officers to satisfy PNC. Agnes might have the contact information of the past chair whose signature is needed.


Need to determine if we have filed with the IRS and if we still have our 503(c) status.


Suggestion made to look into tax exempt status for LVEC. PSPE looked into it and they decided not to pursue getting that status. Need to determine our current status before pursuing this further.


Ben needs to be put on the Bond for the treasurer and it needs to determined how to do this.


Audit of Books

·         Request was made to do an audit of the financial records by Don Talhelm and Elizabeth Horahan.


  1. LVEC Events

                        Future City Competition – January 23, 2011

                        STEM – April 2011 ?


  1. Upcoming Member Society Events

November 11 – ASMI – Young Members Night

                        November 18 – ASQ – Mountain Top Removal

                        October 21 – ASQ- Topic: Controlling a Process You Don’t Own

                        November 17 – ASME plant tour of ABEC


  1. New Business


EWB is looking for funding to do an implementation trip in Sierra Leone in January. EWB will submit a formal request for funds from LVEC.


Website is up to date but Agnes requested that information be sent to her for putting on the website. Member societies have not been sending information to be put on the website.


  1. Next Meeting


Tuesday, December 7 in PL.324.