Lehigh Valley Engineering Council Meeting

Minutes for October 4, 2005


Council Meeting held at Lehigh University Packard Lab Room 324


Bob Abbott called meeting to order at 6:07pm


1. Roll Call of Attendees


       Bob Abbott, ASCE, ASHE                           Angelika Forndran, SWE, PSPE

       Agnes Muranyi, SME, SWE, SAE                Tom Reilly, ASME

       Don Talhelm, IEEE                                      Ryan M (? Last name), Lehigh Student


2. Minutes


       September meeting was annual picnic, no formal meeting: informal discussion on banquet.


3. Treasurer Report


       Treasurer Tom Reilly reported no activity took place since last report and LVEC account balance as of October 4, 2005 is $7,463.32.


4. Engineers Week Banquet- February 24, 2006


  1. Project Management Schedule- No report at this time.
  2. Banquet Reservations- Brad made reservations for Green Pond Country Club.
  3. Speaker- Angelika reported that she has made preliminary contact with Ronna Robertson, National President of the Society of Women Engineers. Ronna has tentatively agreed to speak at the banquet. Angelika to confirm.
  4. EPBJ- Bernie and Dan to set up due date for articles and will correspond with EPBJ for the Engineers Week issue.
  5. Sponsorships- List of perspective sponsors to be presented at November meeting.
  6. Banquet Program- Michele and Bob to take care of program.
  7. Cost per Seat- This will be finalized at November meeting.
  8. Engineer of the Year- Angelika to report at December meeting.
  9. Invitations- No report required at this time.
  10. Proclamations- No report required at this time.


5. Other LVEC Activities


1.       Future Cities- Not discussed at meeting.

2.       Math Counts- Angelika reported that PSPE has a new Math Counts chairperson and will provide agenda at PSPE October meeting. Angelika will report at our November Board meeting.

3.       Lehigh Student Participation with LVEC activities- Ryan M, a Lehigh student (not sure of last name), attended meeting to report on our activities to Keith Gardiner and encourage fellow Lehigh engineering students to participate in LVEC activities.

4.       Keith Gardiner & Lehigh Student Participation- Keith will present a discussion on “ENERGY- Life After 2015” OR What strategies for engineers as the oil runs out?” on Thursday, November 10th at 6:30 pm. Location at Lehigh campus is Neville Auditorium.






6. Website


     Agnes reported that changes and updates were made to the website which include updating links to the Engineering Societies. In addition, Agnes added navigation buttons to “shortcut” the number of keystrokes required to navigate around the website. The website is now more “user friendly”. 


7. Activities of Member Societies


      PSPE- Monthly meeting will be held on Monday, October 10, 2005. Contact Angelika for details.


8. Old Business


      LVEC Master Plan will be presented at November meeting.


9. New Business




10. Adjournment


   Meeting adjourned at 7:42 pm.


   REMINDER: Next meeting will be THURSDAY, November 3, 2005 at 6:00pm at Packard Lab, Room 324