Lehigh Valley Engineering Council Meeting

Meeting Minutes for October 9, 2008

Council Meeting Held at Packard Lab 324 – Lehigh University


1. Elizabeth H. called meeting to order at 6:05 PM     


2. Roll Call of Attendees:

    1. Elizabeth Horahan – AIChE, SWE
    2. Ben Guthrie – ASCE
    3. Daryl Callan – EWB, ASME
    4. Keith Gardiner – SME, ASME, ECLV
    5. Mike Basta – PSPE
    6. Bob Walp – SME
    7. Don Talhelm – IEEE
    8. Agnes Muranyi – SME, SAE, SWE
    9. Ken Lawrence – SME, ISA
    10. Nick Kastango – LU Engineers Without Borders
    11. Dave Toler – SAE
    12. Bernie Telatovich – ASCE
    13. Tom Reilly – ASME, SAE



3. Approve Minutes from the last meeting, September 4, 2008.

Motion Bob Walp to approve minutes, second by Mike Basta


4. Engineers Week 2009:

a.       Theme – “Engineers Make It Work”

            b.   Date – Friday February 20, 2009

b.      Banquet Location

a.       Holiday Inn Route 100/78 approved for banquet location

b.      Agreed on $35 per plate

c.       Daryl to look into audio and projector setup at Holiday Inn

d.      Motion by Mike and second by Agnes to approve location and price

d.      Speaker

Initially RSI was interested and council suggested I talk with them about a presentation that would include carbon footprint – offset of Carbon emissions, costs of materials, new process compared to existing and a global view prospective of using this new process.


RSI Silicon Products speaker fell through they will be in middle of plant startup and don’t think their engineering manager will be available.  Other speaker suggestions included:

Green Initiative – Mike

Nuclear Talk – Dave

Green Knight – Keith

Suggestions will be discussed at next meeting.    

e.       LINcream – should be able to do no update, Holiday Inn fine with bringing in.

f.        Sponsorship criteria:

a.       Council agreed on keeping sponsor fees same as last year

                                                                           i.      $100 for Silver provides table and 60 words on website

                                                                         ii.      $450 for Gold includes table, 8 seats at banquet, logo and 100 words of text on website

                                                                        iii.      $+450 for Platinum same as Gold with top placement on website

                                                                       iv.      Ken to send Elizabeth sample sponsor letter from ISA show

                                                                         v.      Bernie suggests Council members send sponsor letter to contacts in their sphere of influence



3. Activities for the Upcoming Year:

            a.    January: Future City – Keith update

Engineers needed as volunteer mentors for national  7-8th grade Future City Competition starting now and running through January. Regional Finals are in January at Villanova, National Finals in Washington during Engineers Week. For full competition details check the web site www.futurecity.org/

There are forty regions, regional winners and mentors get an all expenses paid 3-4 day trip to D.C. for the finals.  For local details see below (and if can’t mentor then try being a judge one Sat. in January!):  

Greetings from Future City Philadelphia!  The school year is underway and so far 31 schools are signed up.  Here is the current list of schools that need mentors:

Blair Christian Academy                         Philadelphia (Mt. Airy)

Feltonville School of Arts and Science          Philadelphia (Feltonville)

GA Stetson Middle School                        West Chester, PA

Girard College Middle School                    Philadelphia (Girard at 20th St)

Holy Child Catholic School                      Philadelphia (Roxborough)

JT Lambert Intermediate School                  East Stroudsburg, PA

Mariana Bracetti Academy                        Philadelphia (Kensington)

New Hope – Solebury Middle School               New Hope, PA

Raub Middle School                              Allentown, PA

St. Lucy Day School for Visual Impairments      Philadelphia (Juaniata Park)
Wissahickon Charter School                      Philadelphia (Wissahickon Ave. at Roosevelt Blvd) 

Our greatest need at this stage of the competition is for mentors.  We cannot stress enough how much help someone with real world experience can be to the student teams.  Just 1 or 2 hours a week can make a huge difference in how students approach the problem and how they start to address it.  Please let me know if you are interested in working with any of the schools above, I will get you in touch with the team's teacher.  If you'd like to be a mentor but don't see a school in your area, send me an e-mail and I'll keep you posted as schools register.

Spotlight on – St. Lucy.  St. Lucy is new to the competition but has a motivated teacher and a team that has already started working together. This team needs a mentor who can handle the challenges of visually impaired students and can commit to helping out through the competition’s end.  Visit www.slds.org for more information on St. Lucy. 

Please visit our website at www.futurecityphilly.org and click on Volunteer pportunities, then On-line Volunteer Sign Up.  There you can register to be a mentor, judge, or general volunteer.  You can also see the complete list of registered schools.  Anyone that has been involved in the competition before knows how it simply cannot be run without dedicated volunteers - so sign up now and start the year off right!

Any questions please contact me via e-mail or phone.  Please feel free to forward this e-mail to your friends, co-workers, and technical society members.  Thanks. Jennifer      Philadelphia Regional Volunteer Coordinator


c.       STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) – is being planned for Nov 15, 2008 in the Rauch Business Center at Lehigh.  Keith has following STEM status concerning papers still needs attendees.

STEM’08 Status as at October 9, 2008


Authors & Titles (to 10/9)

Garg, Anisha = The Effect of UV Radiation on Survival Rate of Yeast

Governale,  Michael A. & Vasko, Francis J. =  Math Programming takes the fun out of SUDOKU Puzzles

Kastango, Nicholas = Lehigh Engineers Without Borders Honduras Project

Marlin, Joseph = Robotic Sensor Vision

Nakasone, David = Bethlehem Going Green – Environmental Matters

Schlags, Melissa = Ascorbic Acid's Role as a Photostabilizer on Natural Dyed Silk

Song, Kai = Abnormal Grain Growth in Superalloy IN100

Srinivasan, Sophia = Effects of Environmental pH on the Growth of Pseudomonas fluorescens

Stillson, Edward & Luke A. Yoder = Lehigh University: Land Yacht Speed Record Attempt


Gardiner, Keith = Globalization – Impact on Education for Manufacturing

SAE – BAJA Car Competition Presentation and paper requested – ackn.  awaited

IE334 possibilities – presentations about organizational planning and control etc.:

Issues with the Power Grid                                                      Global Water Resources

Hormones and the Food Supply                                                  Biodiesel – Impact on Food Supply

Hybrid & Electric Cars                                                                 Dietary Supplements

Algae-based Fuels                                                                Organics Foods Production

Pickens Renewable Energy Plan                                                      Nuclear Power

Power for Rotating Skyscrapers                                                     Solar Power

The Crisis of Rising Food Prices              

These team studies may not necessarily all be available, just one or two may be.


d.      PA Jr. Academy Science Fair Lehigh Valley

Money and Judges needed, Keith passed out judge registration form and copy included at end of  minutes.

e.       Lehigh Valley Science Fair - scheduled for Saturday, March 14th. 2009 – on LVEC website



4. Treasurer’s Report – T. Reilly

 LVEC has balance of $8848.55 in bank. Tom has $100 invoice from Myers Insurance, Keith motioned to pay with second by Ken.


Tom will look into $1,500 - $2,000 CD to invest some of the funds on short term and will bring in some suggestions for next meeting. Agnes suggested looking into E-Checking at American Bank.


Meal cost spreadsheet handed out by Tom and reviewed by council to help in discussion on cost per plate for banquet. Expected cost is $38 per plate and will cover meal, audio equipment, tax, service charges and bartender. With this information council decided to stay with $35 per plate. It was agreed that free meals will be given to speaker and politicians that come to banquet.


5. Website Update – A. Muranyi

Website is updated and will continue to be updated. Agnes requests council to review and continue to send her updates. Bernie made motion to double budget from $300 to $600 and Keith seconded with unanimous approval by council.


6. New Business

 Keith brought up past donations to PA Jr. Academy by LVEC. Agnes motioned we donate $250 for PA Jr. Academy and Keith 2nd with unanimous approval by council.

Daryl handed Elizabeth letter of thanks from EWB for donation. Elizabeth will scan and send out to members and Agnes to post on website. Hillside follow up by Bernie to check and see how they used donation. Tom to check and see if he has a letter of thanks.


7. Next meeting – Thursday November 6, 2008 at Lehigh University, Packard Lab, Room 324. Meeting concluded at 7:15 PM