Lehigh Valley Engineering Council Meeting


Minutes for September 7, 2006

Council Meeting held at Da Vinci Center



Bernie Telatovich called meeting to order at 6:05 pm


1. Roll Call of Attendees


       Bob Abbott, ASCE, ASHE                           Bernie Telatovich, ASCE

       Agnes Muranyi, SME, SWE, SAE                Michele Stewart, SWE, SME,

       Don Talhelm, IEEE                                      Tom Reilly, ASME, SAE

       Keith Gardiner, ECLV                                  Ryan McAdam, Lehigh Student

       Bill McGlinn, Da Vinci Center


2. Minutes


      August minutes accepted


3. Treasurer Report


     No report.


4. Engineers Week Banquet- February 2007


  1. Bill McGlinn- Bill gave presentation and guide tour of Da Vinci Center and its potential to host 2007 LVEC banquet. In addition, Bill gave an outline of the Da Vinci Center’s goals and objectives including its professional development program to teach elementary and secondary teachers on how to teach science. Dr. David Smith is the program director at the Da Vinci Center. In addition to possibly having the LVEC Banquet at the center, LVEC can “partner” with the Center to help teach and mentor students in science and engineering.
  2. Project Management Schedule- No report at this time.
  3. Banquet Reservations- Don presented banquet costs for Silver Creek Country Club and Saucon Valley Acres. Michele will develop banquet costs for the Da Vinci Center and we will finalize at the October meeting.
  4. Speaker- Bernie and Keith to contact Bob Malone as possible banquet speaker.
  5. EPBJ- No report required at this time.
  6. Sponsorships- Will discuss at October meeting. PSPE did not pay 2006 banquet silver sponsorship. Bernie to look into collecting money from PSPE.
  7. Banquet Program- Michele reported that should we pick the Da Vinci Center as our 2007 Banquet site in addition to or in lieu of speaker we can hold a “competition” such as a “mouse trap” event.
  8. Cost per Seat- This will be finalized at November meeting.
  9. Engineer of the Year- No report required at this time.
  10. Invitations- No report required at this time.


5. Other LVEC Activities


1.       Future Cities- Papers are due 9/28/06.

2.       Math Counts- No report at this time.

3.       LVSTEM Conference- Scheduled for Saturday, November 4th at 8:00 am. Location at Lehigh campus is Neville Auditorium. LVEC to sponsor and provide manpower assistance.


6. Website


     Agnes received her LVEC $300.00 check.


7. Activities of Member Societies


      9/21/06- ASCE meeting at Brass Rail. PennDOT District 5-0 Engineer will speak on Rt. 33.


8. Old Business




9. New Business


      We will “brainstorm” getting new people to help us manage LVEC.


10. Adjournment


   Meeting adjourned at 7:28 pm.





Next meeting will be THURSDAY, October 5, 2006 at 6:00pm at Packard Lab, Room 324.