Lehigh Valley Engineering Council Meeting

Minutes of October 4, 2007

Council Meeting Held at ASM Expo – Holiday Inn Route 100, Fogelsville



1. Agnes Muranyi called the meeting to order at 6:10 P.M.


2. Roll Call of Attendees:


            David Toler – SAE                                           Elizabeth Horahan – SWE, AIChE

            Nick Remy – PSLS                                          Agnes Muranyi – SME, SWE

            Keith Gardiner – ECLV                                    Bernie Telatovich – ASCE

            Joe McCarthy – PSPE                                     Ryan DiSabella - ASM


3. MOTION to approve minutes from last meeting on September 6, 2007 after Tom

Reilly’s attendance is added. MOTION PASSED.


4. Engineer’s Week Banquet – Engineer’s Week Feb 17-23.  Co-chairs this year are IBM and the Chinese Institute of Engineers-USA

            Speakers: K. Gardiner contacted Lehigh UN Department – trying to find someone

who can speak about Chinese Infrastructure, K. Gardiner to contact the

Chinese Institute of Engineers-USA, D. Toler suggested Tom Joseph of

Air Products to speak on the Hydrogen Economy

            Guest List: Lehigh President, Lafayette President, Editor of The Morning Call’s

Scene Section (E. Horahan to contact), Editor of EPBJ.  Send Invites Early


            Location: Silver Creek –reservation in process

            Cost: Keep per seat cost the same

Regarding Appetizers: B. Telatovich may bring cheese again.  Perhaps we should

do half the fruit of last year and some veggies.


5. East Penn Business Journal – A. Muranyi to contact, perhaps add them to LVEC website.  Have Journal come out week prior to Engineer’s Week Banquet.


6. Banquet Booklet – In previous years, Pikewood, Inc assembled the booklet.  A. Muranyi will contact with them, to find out the deadline, for the article submissions.


7. Website – A. Muranyi to update for Banquet sponsorship details.  Sponsorship dollar criteria stay same as last year.  A. Muranyi to add EPBJ article deadline to website.  Revamped email in an effort to cut down on spam (new email address format) – Contact A. Muranyi to participate.


8. Calendar – Updated with upcoming events.


9. Sponsored Activities –

Future City: Proceed as planned – will need judges Jan. 26, 2008

Math Counts: Will see if they inquire about participation from LVEC.

PA Junior Academy of Science: Usually contact K. Gardiner, will pass along.


10.  ASM – New to LVEC, excited to be involved (R. DiSabella).


11. Meeting adjourned at 6:50 PM.


12. Next meeting – November 8, 2007, Lehigh Packard Lab Room 324