Lehigh Valley Engineering Council Meeting

Meeting Minutes for September 4, 2008

Council Meeting Held at Packard Lab 324 – Lehigh University



  1. Elizabeth H. called meeting to order at 6:00PM


  1. Roll Call of Attendees:
    1. Elizabeth Horahan – AIChE, SWE
    2. Ben Guthrie – ASCE
    3. Daryl Callan – EWB, ASME
    4. Keith Gardiner – SME, ASME, ECLV
    5. Mike Basta – PSPE
    6. Bob Walp – SME
    7. Don Talhelm – IEEE
    8. Agnes Muranyi-Walp – SME, SAE, SWE
    9. Ken Lawrence – SME, ISA


  1. Motion to approve Minutes from the last meeting, August 7, 2008.

Corrections submitted by Don for his name spelling, IEEE talk date and speaker name spelling and topic.

Motion to approve minutes with corrections by Bob second by Agnes.


  1. Engineers Week 2009:

a.      Theme Ideas? – Co-chairs: NSPE and Intel Corp.

Ken tried to contact NSPE and Intel still waiting to hear back on topic will continue to follow up

b.      Date – February 20, 2009

c.      Possible Locations:

Holiday Inn Route 100 – price $31-33 per plate with 3 choices

Days Inn is Best Western starts at $26 - $35 per plate with 2 choices

Bear Creek to far away already have wedding booked

Allentown Brewworks – Ben waiting to hear back but understands room can handle 220 maximum and prices could be $15 – 30 per plate

d.      Speaker – Ideas?

            Council to think about if we can’t get topics from Intel or NSPE

e.      Daryl to follow up on LINcream hasn’t heard back from his contact.           



  1. Activities for the Upcoming Year:
    1. January: Future City will need judges - no update from Keith. Agnes didn’t see info on Philly Future City website checking National website
    2. STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) – is being planned for Nov 15, 2008 in the Rauch Business Center at Lehigh.  Supported by SME, Lehigh Outreach and ECLV.  Keith sending out email invitations looking for society endorsements. This is a LVEC sponsored event. Lehigh Student chapter to provide rooms. Daryl to approach Young Engineers at Air Products about sponsorship.
    3. PA Jr. Academy Science Fair Lehigh Valley – No update
    4. Lehigh Valley Science Fair - scheduled for Saturday, March 14th. 2009 - No update
    5. IEEE technical talk scheduled for Sept 24th “Intelligent Power Grids” presented by Stephen Kunsman, ABB at Lehigh. Don waiting for speaker bio and abstract for posting on LVEC website.



  1. Treasurer’s Report – T. Reilly- unable to make it – no report made

            a. Need to talk about sponsorship criteria when Tom is able to make it.



  1. New Hosting for Website – A. Muryani

a.       Need to add Upcoming Activities to the Calendar/Schedule

1.      EWB 5K run fundraiser. Daryl to send details to Agnes for web posting

2.      America on Wheels meeting and show to post on web

3.      PSPE Regional Conference in Mucungie, PA Oct 15-17, 2009 Mike to send info for web posting when available

b.      Web hosting successfully transferred in July after some problems and has been cleaned up. History reduced from 5 to 3 years.


  1. New Business - None

Congratulations to Elizabeth for her baking awards for scones and bunt cake at the Allentown Fair.


  1. Next meeting – Thursday October 2, 2008 at Lehigh University, Packard Lab, Room 324.


  1. Meeting concluded at 6:45 PM