Connecting Educators to Engineering

Ronna F. Robertson, SWE President


Lehigh Valley Engineering Council

Engineers Week -February 17, 2006



††††††††††† An engineering outreach initiative highlights E Week 2006. Connecting Educators to Engineering, developed by Northrop Grumman and the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), creates a process for partnerships among educators and engineers. We know that engineering transforms discoveries, ideas and dreams into realities. Others, especially students and teachers, need to know that and more about our profession.


††††††††††† Why should young people focus on the rigorous study and preparation that lead to engineering careers? What can be more exciting than spending your working days making the world a better, safer and easier place to live? As engineers, we experience engineering rewards in our diverse, challenging and fulfilling careers. We need to share our knowledge and experience with the next generation.


††††††††††† Making the answers loud and clear is important to the economics, social issues and security of our country. The challenge is that students and many educators do not know what we do. Letís raise awareness of the ways engineers solve the toughest problems in the world, showing them how we resolve environmental issues, how we use technology to accomplish goals, and how we improve the quality of life for all.


††††††††††† We need to reach students in their middle school years to introduce them to the exciting and rewarding possibilities in engineering. Without understanding the rewards and benefits that await them in engineering careers, too many young people avoid the high school math and science courses that are prerequisites for engineering curricula in colleges and universities.


††††††††††† Connecting Educators to Engineering is targeting 10,000 middle school teachers to give them information they can use in the classroom to spotlight the contributions engineers make here and everywhere. This initiative provides training and information engineers can use to interact directly and comfortably with educators. Learning materials and an online forum are linking us to the next generation.